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Social Media Anxiety From The View Of Jordanian Youth: A Meta Content Analysis

Anwar Bani Hani, Rohaya Talib, Evania Yafie, Areej Al_Ahmad

Anxiety is contemplated to be one of the critical issues that Jordanian youth suffer from. In recent years, it was discovered from an array of studies that Jordanian youths (JY) have a big problem related to social media anxiety (SMA), which is regarded as the reason for excessive use of social media platforms (SMP). The highlighted issue here will be mentioned as that of the research problem. It crystallizes in a sharp increase in this phenomenon of “social media anxiety” by Jordanian youth, where it stressed JY’s passion for using SM’s platforms. Furthermore, depending on what had been observed, the massive impact of this problem on youths makes us much more interested in this study to specify the degree of influence of this issue on social media anxiety. This paper contains a massive objective, which is understanding how social media would be contributed to their health and youth lives. The paper discussed the usage of a considerable percentage of social media platforms by Jordanian youths. It has been the focal point for discussion among the specialist and educators. This paper discussed the issues concerning social media anxiety in academic and education literature, from SM’s problems from the  Jordanian youths’ lives. The paper concludes that no effort has been made for Jordanian youth to look into social media anxiety, which has many consequences for society.

Social  Media,  Anxiety,  Jordanian  Youth, Meta Content Analysis.

Publikasi :
IT in Industry
Vol. 9, No.1, 2021
ISSN (Print): 2204-0595
ISSN (Online): 2203-1731
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