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Improving Linguistic Intelligence through Graphic Introduction with Flashcard Media for Early Childhood

Mohammad Samsul Ulum, Evania Yafie, Dessy Putri Wahyuningtyas, Imam Rofiki

Early childhood ability becomes the focus of attention of many scholars, especially linguistic intelligence. Early childhood requires the practice of basic language skills. Teachers should consider the progress of children in developing linguistic intelligence to recognize the characteristics of children and their achievement abilities. In fact, children’s linguistic intelligence is deficient. Children need media to help them in improving their linguistic intelligence. Therefore, this study aims to explain the increase in linguistic intelligence by introducing graphemes with flashcard media for early childhood. This study’s participants were 18 students divided into two groups: nine children in the experimental group and nine other children in the control group. The study was conducted in a private kindergarten located in East Java, Indonesia. Data analysis results showed that before being treated using flashcard media, the experimental group, and the control group did not significantly differ in linguistic intelligence scores, namely XKE = XKK = 8.6. Posttest conducted in the experimental group increased with an average of 6.8. Whereas in the control group, the post-test value decreased by 0.4. So, it can be concluded that the control group that was not given treatment through flashcard media did not experience significant differences in scores. However, the experimental group with the treatment using flashcard media showed an increase in linguistic intelligence. This study’s findings will be valuable for teachers or researchers who want to further examine children’s linguistic intelligence.

Early Childhood, Flashcard Media, Graphic Introduction, Linguistic Intelligence.

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Ulum, M. S., Yafie, E., Wahyuningtyas, D. P., & Rofiki, I. (2021). Improving linguistic intelligence through graphic introduction with flashcard media for early childhood. International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Control13(2), 79-87. https://www.mukpublications.com/resources/ijcic%20v13%20-2-10-J.pdf 

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